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2017 City Islanders Jersey Auction

Attention, City Islanders’ fans! You could win your favorite players 2017 City Islanders Star Wars Jersey provided by Lucasfilm Ltd. after the conclusion of Harrisburg’s September 16th match against Toronto FC II! Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Four Diamonds Founddation, whose mission is to conquer childhood cancer. Make a bid, or buy your favorite players jerseys.

  • Opening bid for all items: $70
  • All bids must be in $5 increments
  • Buy Now Price: $175
  • Send all bids to: jerseyauction@cityislanders.com
  • Auction ends on September 22 @ 12 p.m.

Please include your players names in the SUBJECT LINE. Auction bids will be updated every day and you may bid on multiple jerseys. All winners will be notified via email by Friday, September 22 at 2 p.m when the bidding closes.


Subject:  Brandon Miller Jersey Auction

Content: Please accept my bid for $70 toward Brandon Miller’s jersey.

NameNo.Pos.Jersey SizeItemBid
Nick Noble1GKLARGE$175 - SOLD
Griffin Libhart2DMEDIUM$75
Travis Brent4DMEDIUM$85
Tiago Calvano5DLARGE$80
Manolo Sanchez7MMEDIUM$80
Mouhamed Dabo8MSMALL$110
Jonny Mendoza9MSMALL$95
Paul Wilson10MSMALL$75
Aaron Wheeler11FMEDIUM$90
Rasheed Olabiyi12MMEDIUM$75
Mike Olla13FSMALL$80
Danny DiPrima 14MSMALL$75
Lee Nishanian15DLARGE$85
Jake Bond16DMEDIUM$90
James Thomas17DSMALL$80
Abass Mohammed18DMEDIUM$75
Cardel Benbow 19FSMALL$85
Chris Hill20DMEDIUM$70
Sean Lewis21GKSMALL$75
John Grosh22MMEDIUM$100
Shawn McLaws23DSMALL$85
Ropapa Kwamina Mensah25FMEDIUM$175 - SOLD
Pedro Ribeiro30MFMEDIUM$80
Brandon Miller33GKMEDIUM$110
Fredrick Yamoah Opoku60FSMALL$75