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Spooky Nook and City Islanders Fitness Tips

Spooky Nook and City Islanders Fitness Tips

Fitness Tip of the Day (June):

When is the best time of day to work out? The best time to work out is any time during the day that you will be consistently able to complete a workout. For some it may be in the morning before going to work, for others it may be over a lunch break, or in the evenings after their kids have gone to bed. Just as long as you get your body into a routine and stick to it!

To learn more information visit Spooky Nook’s website at: http://www.spookynooksports.com/trainertiptuesday-best-time-day-work


Fitness Tip of the Day (July):

Did you know foam rollers are one of the most important tools in the gym? Foam rolling is a great way to prepare your body for your upcoming workout and can also help improve the quality of your muscles by attempting to relieve tension and also help improve your flexibility. To learn more about how to use this technique visit: http://bit.ly/spfoam


Fitness Tip of the Day (August):

Should You Stretch Before Or After A Workout?

The answer is – both! Stretching is often overlooked, especially when an individual has time constraints such as working out over their lunch break. However, stretching before and after working out is vital to maintaining full range of motion through your joints, increasing blood circulation which gives you more energy, and also helps reduce soreness after a tough workout.

To learn more about what types of stretches you can do before and after a workout visit: http://bit.ly/fitaugust