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Group Tickets and Events

Group Tickets

All Group tickets are $8, must have a group of 20 or more- groups can add

additional “match day experiences” including, High Five Tunnels, Half Time experiences, Ball Kids, and a Player Walk Out

•All Groups in attendance will have a match day announcement made

•Post game autographs are available to each group in attendance

(Great for big families, businesses, youth partners and clubs) 

Picnics- $27/ticket. Includes- food and soft drinks. As well as reserved seating

*must have 35 or more people 

Birthday Parties

$250(party of 15)

$320(party of 20)

Birthday Party section is close to the field

Price includes:

• Tickets to the match

• Pizza and Soft Drinks

• Kids zone wristbands

• Birthday Announcement

• Gift for birthday kid

• Cake