Get To Know Your Islanders: Aaron Wheeler

Get into the action even further by getting to know the players that make up your Harrisburg City Islanders team. We have players from all over the country and the globe with different experiences and personalities.

During the season we will be highlighting our players in a series called “Get To Know Your Islanders” so our fans get a peek into the aily lives of our players.

Here is your chance to get to know our leading goal scorer beyond just the fact that he is extremely skilled at heading the ball into the net.

From favorite movies to life lessons find out what makes our Aaron Wheeler tick in our first installment of “Get To Know Your Islanders”!

Q: Describe how it feels to play in front of great fans.

A: Fans are a massive driving force for players. Sometimes they don’t know how important they are to a team’s success. The atmosphere that they create for us can literally will us to victory sometimes. When you hear them banging on drums and chanting, it gives you that little extra push that you may need when you’re getting fatigued at the end of games.

Q: What’s your favorite way to relax on a non-game day?

A: If I have the time, I really enjoy camping or the beach. If it’s just for an afternoon, I have been reading a lot more these days or watching a good movie.

Q: Name the celebrity you’d most likely like to meet.

A: Probably Justin Timberlake. He seems like a guy who really enjoys himself and is very successful in many areas of his life.

Q: Who were your favorite soccer player and club growing up?

A: D.C. United, since I am from Baltimore. My favorite player was Cobi Jones. I was a huge fan of the dreadlocks.

Q: At what age did you start playing soccer?

A: I have been playing soccer since I was 4. Other than one season of baseball and one season of high school basketball, it’s always been soccer for me.

Q: What’s your favorite TV Show, movie snack, and movie comedy?

A: My favorite TV shows are Seinfeld and Beach Front Bargain Hunt. My favorite movie snack is Bunch O’ Crunch and my favorite movie comedy is Grandma’s Boy.

Q: Describe a sporting event that you attended and said, “Wow! That was cool.”

A: I saw Juventus play when I was in Italy at a time when the team was in trouble and had to play in a lower league.

A player had a hat trick against Juventus and they tied 3-3. It was the best hat trick ever. He scored a goal from 30 yards out, he chipped one in and then hit a bicycle all on Gigi Buffon, who is arguably a top 3 goalie ever in my opinion.

The fans were clubbing the gates behind the nets after each goal. It was a great atmosphere.

Q: What sport would you be hopeless playing?

A: Probably baseball because I want no part of someone throwing a ball that fast at me.

Q: What makes a great 4th of July party?

A: The beach or a pool party and good weather with family and friends just enjoying food off of the grill.

Q: What’s the best advice that you received from a Coach or Teacher?

A: “You’re only as good as your worst player, at their worst moment in the game. Don’t be that player,” from my Hampton Roads Piranhas coach John Hall.