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Volley Futbol Coming to the Island!


Volley Futbol is coming to the City Island September 12th! It is a fun game played over a 3 foot net like soccer tennis, but with a twist.

Players will get good quality touches on the ball — there will be giveaways, raffles, music, and alot of Volley Futbol.


  • Volley Futbol is a skills game that promotes juggling, first touch, ball judgment, aerial combination play, and striking technique over a 3 foot net. These are key components to the game of soccer instilled in the game Volley Futbol. Players young and old will begin juggling and controlling the ball without even knowing they are doing it. It’s challenging and it’s fun!
  • If your club believes these are strong skills in soccer and already is trying to implement these characteristics of the game of soccer in your coaches and players; let Volley Futbol compliment your vision. Volley Futbol is patented, copyrighted, and trademarked across. Volley Futbol is soccer tennis with a twist.

What you can expect on September 12th:

  • Volley Futbol brings a festival of games, dj and music, photo booth, a red carpet with a step and repeat, and a competitive and fun soccer environment.
  • All participants will receive a free ticket to the Isles Pro Match that night.
  • The event will run from the afternoon until 5:30 PM when the pro team arrives. Participants will also be recognized on the field at half time.
  • Event is open to boy and girls, ages 9 to adult.

Informational Videos — watch how the game is played:

 Informational Youtube Videos:




For additional information, click one of two sites:

www.volley-Futbol.com or www.usvolleyfutbol.com





All tourney questions are to be directed to Brandon Wright, tourney director(volleyfutbol@gmail.com).