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Are You Searching For Long-lasting Tooth Replacement Treatments?

Replacing your teeth can seem complicated, but these days you can get dental implants Sydney CBD and reap the benefits of this straightforward treatment, regardless of how many teeth you are missing. Some people believe you can only benefit from tooth replacement options when you have lost all of your teeth, but this treatment is just as capable of restoring one tooth for you as all of them. It can leave you feeling insecure when you have a gap in your smile, so rather than delaying getting treatment and suffering in silence you should book an appointment with your practitioner today and get back a natural looking smile that you are proud of. You can usually book a consultation appointment through your practice’s website or by calling them over the phone.

A treatment that is designed for your unique needs

A lot of people commonly misbelieve that tooth implants are only for replacing a whole mouthful of teeth, but in reality you can tweak this treatment to suit your individual needs regardless of how many teeth you are missing. Your new teeth will be permanently fixed into your mouth by small titanium screws, but these screws are capable of supporting more than one tooth each, so you will not necessarily require one screw per tooth. If you are replacing one tooth you will need one screw and a crown will then be attached to this once your gums have healed around the screw. When someone is missing multiple teeth that are either next to each other or on either side of an original tooth it is likely that a bridge will be attached to their screws. This appliance offers extra support to the remaining original tooth when it is replacing a tooth either side as well, making it less likely to fall out. Partial dentures can be used to restore entire rows of teeth the same way that dentures can be attached to replace an entire mouthful of teeth. Usually between four and twelve screws are inserted into your jawbone to support your appliance when replacing all of your teeth.

Are you ready to benefit from this treatment?

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There are other treatments that are commonly used to replace teeth, but none of them seem to offer the same benefits as implants. Regardless of how many teeth you are replacing you can be rest assured that your new teeth will look, feel and behave like your original teeth. Made of porcelain, they will blend in with the rest of your teeth if you are only replacing one or a few teeth and they are extremely durable as well. They can last for up to ten years or longer in some cases if you take care of them properly, making them cost-effective as well. Being able to chew food with confidence seems to be a common worry when someone has lost their teeth and even some false teeth appliances do not guarantee that you will be able to eat chewy foods, as they can come loose or get stuck. This tooth implant treatment enables you to eat whatever foods you wish without the worry of your new teeth coming loose, as they are securely fixed and are unable to move.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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