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Countries That Will Satisfy The Foodie In You

Foodies have a passionate interest in food and the current culinary trends. Most foodies are also travelers by heart, so they often travel to many places to taste new dishes while experiencing a new culture. If you’re one of them, you should check out the best destinations for traveling foodies.

Best Traveling Foodie Destinations

Since the vaccinations have caused cases to go down and many countries to open up to tourism again, traveling now might be the ideal time for you. Even if you’re busy working as an entrepreneur, senior-living advisor, or manager, you need to reward yourself and book that trip now. Here are a few countries you should consider:

  • Slovenia

Slovenia has a lot to offer travelers and foodies alike, despite its modest size (half the size of Switzerland) and population of fewer than 2,000,000 people. Slovenia, like most former communist European countries, is still in the process of rebuilding and reclaiming its identity, which you could probably tell by exploring the country more and trying their food.

Slovenia is one of the greenest countries globally, having a climate and soil that are ideal for growing the freshest food. As a result, their restaurants and local dining establishments will serve nutritious, organic, and fresh cuisine all the time. Special meals such as strukli, frika, and bujta repa should be on your list.

Vietnam, besides being a favorite country of many foodies and travelers, is also perfect for anyone traveling with a shoestring budget. So, it might surprise you that a dollar will get you far in this country and can even allow you to get a large plate of buffet meals. Then, you can also get a refreshing and healthy iced drink at any of the country’s local buffet restaurants. Naturally, the northern and southern towns and provinces of Vietnam serve the same food but with distinct charms, and which you will prefer will depend entirely on your taste buds.

The most interesting way to try their food is to look for a Vietnamese restaurant in the city center filled with bustling roadways for anyone who has never been to the country. It might be too much for some, but it could also be hypnotic to eat while doing some people-watching. The streets, alleys, and every corner or city are alive with culture and character.

  • Czech Republic

If you’re in the Czech Republic, you would be lost in the country’s beautiful architecture and rich history. But, besides these features, you should also give the foodie in you a treat of the local food. If there’s a city you should visit, it’s the capital, Prague, a favorite city of many meat-eaters, but if you have a plant-based diet, then the good news is that it has recently explored some vegan and vegetarian cuisines.

If you need recommendations, just a disclaimer: the Czech meals you should not miss out on might be a bit tough to read properly. Still, it would be best if you tried goulash, schnitzel, and garlic soup. Of course, it’s part of being a traveler to mispronounce the food names, so you will probably give the locals something to laugh about, which isn’t a bad thing.

  • Austria

Although Austria is not a well-renowned destination for travelers and foodies, the country has so much to offer that it’s worth visiting now and then. Their two must-try foods include backhendl and schnitzel. And if you’re short on time and looking for a more specific city to visit, Graz is the place to go, as many foodies and locals consider it a perfect spot in the country.

Even if you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, Graz would have something to offer you, like its pumpkin products, which the city is known for. You can count on their pumpkin soups to be one of the most memorable soups you will have in your life. The city is also known for its sandwiches, which can be served with their famous chestnuts and wine. For other local food, you should check out knodel, tafelspitz, and apfelstrudel. Of course, don’t forget the Vienna sausage.

Let Out The Foodie In You

If the countries featured here are surprising for you, it’s because listing the most popular foodie locations would be predictable. Of course, Italy, Mexico, India, and Thailand are the most obvious places for any foodie and travelers to go to for some unique dining experience, but you probably already know about them. Now, you will have more reasons to visit these locations, as you have probably never thought of them as foodie destinations.

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