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A dentist is not only a teeth specialist

It is important to understand that a dentist is more than just someone who fixes teeth, but also someone who understands people’s anxieties and fears. Dentists are far more today than someone who just does fillings and pulls teeth. First impressions count for everything and professional, clean and modern surroundings speak volumes for a dental practice. The attitude and passion displayed by staff is also vital, as visiting a dentist must be as stress free an  occasion as possible, therefore a friendly, caring welcome will help settle any nerves and remove any reservations. Establishing a good and caring dentist/patient relationship will always be an important priority for any good dentist.  A dentist Luton must also be able to provide patients with parking and children’s facilities, as well as amenities for the disabled.

A full range of treatments

It is always refreshing to know that a dentist offers a full range of dental treatments and even better when they are able to also offer additional treatments such as cosmetic procedures. Knowing that a dentist and their team are keeping up to date on new procedures and technological advancements will also instil confidence in patients. Patients feel more relaxed when they know that if they require teeth straightening or dental implants they are available at their own dentist, rather than having to travel to a specialist or hospital for treatment. This also further enhances the dentist’s reputation in the eyes of the local community.

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Dental art and science

Being a dentist requires a huge amount of dexterity due to most of the work carried out being by the use of the hands, however there is also the scientific aspect of the profession which requires good understanding and judgement. Understanding the complexities of facial anatomy are essential to being a good dentist. The structure of the face is influenced in so many ways by the teeth and jaw that a dentist must be able to visualise how a procedure will affect that structure. Cosmetic dentistry has become more and more popular, and teeth straightening and whitening have become ever more essential skills for today’s dentist.

A visit to the dentist, a family affair

For a dentist being able to offer treatment to all members of the family provides peace of mind for patients but is also a practical way to expand. Families grow up and have their own children and a good dentist will retain the new members of the family who remain in the area. Treating children also requires a special approach by all members of the team. Creating a relaxed environment for all members of the family is vital to promoting oral health. The sooner children pay a visit to the dentist and become familiar and comfortable in the surroundings, the easier it is to encourage proper oral hygiene practices. The example set by parents by attending regularly at the dentist encourages their children to take care of their teeth. Regular visits for cleaning and general check-ups become routine and aid long-lasting healthy teeth and gums leading to fewer future painful and costly treatments.

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