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Expert Ideas for Putting Together Different Bedding Styles

In theory, your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in your home. After all, you spend a third of your life sleeping. However, most homeowners will focus their decorating budget and efforts on the highly trafficked sections of their home like the patio, living room and dining areas. They will then put off the decorating of their bedrooms until they come across some loose change. Decorating your bedroom to a comfortable and relaxing space is, however, inexpensive and easy when you know what to use.

One thing you should get during a mattress sale in Provo for your bedroom’s décor is a set of bedclothes. These are not just basic ones but those chosen with a specific style for your bedroom in mind. Thankfully, you can experiment with different styles since most bedclothes will be way cheaper than usual during the sale. Here are some ideas for using them for different bedroom styles for your cozy bedroom.

Neutral Warmth

If you are intent on the less-is-more approach to a good night’s sleep, the neutral warmth style is your best choice. When paired with natural and lush textures, your bedroom will become utterly fresh and cozy. You usually start the look with a white quilt or duvet and sheets in white. Layer these with lumbar, standard and euro pillows to add some interest and comfort to your bed. The neutral warmth style will then be finished with a towering headboard and a chunky knit throw blanket. These add depth and drama to your bedroom style.

Poppy Patterns

This is the ideal style for homeowners who love mixing different designs. When properly executed, poppy patterns will showcase your personality without looking too busy. You should first choose a primary color then repeat it in various areas of your bedroom while building supporting hues around it. Pick bedding with a solid color like plain white, brown or blue to balance the patterns in your bedroom and make your bed look crisp and fresh.

Clean and Crisp

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Few things will exude as clean and fresh a look as an all-white bedroom. The crisp and clean style is quite versatile and allows you to add color without looking confused. You can layer to prevent the old dull white look. In this instance, use pillows, throw blankets and duvets with subtle embroidery, scalloped trim and quilting.

Classic Polish

This is the best style for those looking for a luxurious look in their bedrooms. Tufted headboards with nail-head trims and matching duvets and pillows featuring bespoke details like embroidery and scallops are some key elements of the style. You can also have monogrammed details on the pillowcases and sheets to make a luxurious design statement.

Thanks to the above tidbits, you now appreciate that putting together a perfect bedroom look does not have to be expensive. You can simply create one with the bedding and bed you choose or your room. The styling options for your bed, bed linen and headboard are virtually endless with some know-how of the look you want.

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