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How to Ace a Virtual Job Interview

Since the pandemic started, people have been forced to work remotely in their homes for safety purposes. Unfortunately, not all are given the same opportunity or have the most understanding employers. Unemployment has skyrocketed these past few months not just in the U.S. but also worldwide. While it’s understandable that some people might be thinking of switching careers so that they can work from home, we still have the aspiring fresh graduates we need to take into account.

According to statistics, unemployment among younger generations became more rampant when the pandemic started. Many businesses have closed temporarily or for good, but there are still some industries, offering employment with work-from-home arrangements, that you can apply to. Here are some helpful tips for acing that virtual interview:

Do your research beforehand

Whether job interviews are virtual or in person, they are mainly meant for employers to get to know their applicants and possible prospects more. But what most people overlook is how researching about the company that you have applied to will give you an edge. When you do your research about your company, you’re letting your employers know that you’re ready and excited not just for the job itself but to be a part of the company’s community as well. It will also help you get ready and ask the relevant questions to make you stand out from the rest. Going above and beyond for interviews can never go wrong.

Check your tools and equipment

Keep in mind that in a virtual job interview, you are relying on man-made technologies and devices. As we all know, they are still flawed and prone to glitches and errors. While the advances in technology have been very promising, they are still far from perfect. So check your headset, camera, microphone, Internet connection, and the software that you will be using at least a day and a few minutes before the scheduled interview so that you will have the time to replace gadgets or have a backup plan. There is nothing more irritating and time-consuming when you’re in an interview rather than your communication being cut short because of some technical difficulties that you could have avoided in the first place. Preparation is key.

Invest in your appearance

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Dressing the part is still important, whether your interviewers will be able to see you or not. It is psychologically proven that looking presentable will not only give people a first good impression about you, but it will also give you confidence.

Another thing that you should invest in is your dental health. According to dentists, paying attention to your dental health improves your overall lifestyle. Cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, veneers, and dental braces will surely improve your self-esteem and at the same time bring your interaction with your interviewers to a whole new level. A beautiful smile that you can be proud of can always tip the scales in your direction. So make sure to prepare and take your time to look and feel good before your job interview.

Find the best location

Assuming that you’re at home, doing a job interview may be quite challenging because you might face a few more distractions than you would have to deal with when you go to the interviewer’s office. What you can do is to find a quiet area in your house that is free from unwanted noises so that you and your interviewer can both focus more. Keep your background simple and neat but not too plain. Make sure that the room has good lighting and position your camera at eye level.


You can search and familiarize yourself with commonly asked questions during the interview and think about the best answers that you can muster. You can make a script, but memorizing it is not really necessary because it might make you sound overly rehearsed. You can deviate as long as your answers contain the keywords and you make sure that it doesn’t lose its meaning.

Ask your family or friends to help you rehearse your responses. While it is normal that you will feel nervous and overwhelmed, do not forget to be genuine. An interview is a conversation, so don’t be afraid to engage with your interviewer.

In these trying times and uncertainties, it’s hard not to lose sight of our goals. But we can always choose to look for opportunities to grow despite the sudden changes in our lives. May these tips help and remind you to always do your best in any situation and hopefully lead you to a better life.

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