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Installing a Covered Patio to Enjoy the Outdoor Weather

By installing patios with insulated roofing, Brisbane homeowners can make the most of available spaces in their house. Covered patios make an effective way to increase the amount of liveable space in any home. They are an asset for people looking to spend quality time outdoors without being under the sun for too long.

Covered patios mean that you can relax in a cool shady spot even in the sweltering summer sun. Thanks to technological advancements, patios come in various sizes and designs. By indulging your creative energies and imagination, you can create a beautiful living space to complement your lifestyle.

Check local laws and regulations

Before you get caught up in the process of designing your new patio, check your city’s building codes. Most cities have guidelines on where you can build attached and detached structures. Check with your homeowners’ association too for good measure.

Failing to check with either of these bodies can have you slapped with hefty fines and penalties. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to tear down your newly built patio because of flaunting the building codes.

Most homeowners’ associations will weigh in on the finish materials, height, and design. Adhering to these requirements ensures a smooth building process and avoid running into severe headwinds later. Retaining the services of a contractor who’s familiar with your city’s bylaws can get you the best possible results. Seasoned builders will help you pick the best design, location, and ensure that the patio meets your expectations.

Size it just right

A covered patio makes a great outdoor kitchen, living area, built-in fireplace, and dining area. Alternatively, you can convert it into a kid’s playhouse or a home. Retaining the services of a professional ensures that you pick a spot that affords you maximum functionality. When set up correctly, a covered patio can increase the curb appeal of your home and boost its value.

Naturally, the size of your covered patio depends on the space available and the intended usage. Its design will depend on the kind of furniture you plan to use as well as how much shade you need. You must also consider the height of the structure, with a typical patio height varying between 8 and 11 feet.

Pick the right roofing design

pick roofing design

You have a choice between a solid and open roof design when putting up a patio cover. If you’re looking to create a partially shaded patio with lots of ambient lighting, you can opt for a lattice roof.  While such a design will ensure maximum air circulation, it doesn’t provide cover against the falling rains.

On the other hand, if you want to maximize the shade and use the patio all year round, choose a solid cover. Your choice of roofing materials determines the patio’s ambient temperature. Naturally, insulated roofing makes the best choice when you need a cool patio.

Installing a covered patio in your home increases not only the curb appeal, but also the amount of liveable space available. You can use this additional space as an office, an outdoor kitchen, dining room or even a living room. Just be sure to pick a design that complements the house and check with the relevant authorities.

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