The importance of seeing your dentist Stevenage

When was the last time you visited a dentist Stevenage? It is recommended that you visit your local dentist at least every 12 months however this varies from patient to patient. But if you are based in Stevenage and cannot remember the last time you visited a dentist, you may want to consider booking an appointment at your local dentist for a routine appointment.

If you have had previous negative experiences visiting a dental practice which has left you feeling a bit anxious, you will not need to worry as by visiting a dentist Stevenage, you will be welcomed with a professional and also friendly service and the dental team will aim to ensure your experience is a comfortable and positive one.

What to expect as a new patient


If this is your first time visiting a dentist Stevenage, your first appointment will consist of a new patient examination. This is important as it allows the dentist to understand your dental and medical history and understand any requirements you may have.

Prior to your appointment, you will be provided with a pack which includes essential items for you to complete including the medical history questionnaire. Obtaining your medical history is important as a dentist Stevange will be able to identify any conditions which may affect dental treatment whilst also highlighting any risk that the patient may have. With the new patient examination you will have a 40 minute consultation and a follow up 20 minute consultation via Zoom.

The dentist will carry out a comprehensive oral examination and if necessary x-rays will be taken along with dental photographs. During this examination, an oral cancer check will also be carried out which is particularly important as should a dentist be able to detect oral cancer early enough, it increases an individual’s chances of successful treatment.

Once the consultation is complete, the dentist will discuss the findings with you and should you require any further treatment, this will be planned in detail to ensure that any dental issues are treated and you are relieved of any pain.

Emergency appointments with a dentist Stevenage

Along with routine dental appointments, if you are ever in need of emergency dental care, a dentist Stevenage in most cases will be able to see you on the same day of the emergency however it is advised that you call the practice as early as possible in order to be seen on the same day.

It is important to contact your local dental practice as soon as possible should you have a dental emergency and are in pain and/or experiencing bleeding, in order to be treated as soon as possible. If the dentist is unable to treat you at the emergency appointment, they will be able to provide you with a temporary solution and invite you back to the practice for further treatment.

Some of the most common dental emergencies which can occur are a broken or chipped tooth due to accident or injury, a toothache or bleeding from the tooth and/or gums.

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