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The Love We Found: Best Places to Romantically Propose to Your Partner

Proposals are one of the biggest steps in anyone’s relationship. It is a time when both of you agree with one another that you want to be together. It’s a time when you start accepting one another.

This can be a scary moment for some partners, especially those who plan to be proposing. Looking for the right place may also be challenging. Thankfully in this modern world, anyone can travel anywhere. So don’t think about going on an international trip when you propose to a loved one. Saved that for the honeymoon! Instead, do some travel domestically or have a road trip to the destinations in this list. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

The Celestial Mountains

This is for the couples who are more active and outgoing in their relationship. This is not suggested for couples who don’t enjoy the outdoors or do not enjoy hiking. If all of these are a big check to you and your loved ones, then you can add this suggestion to the list of places you want your engagement to happen.

There are a lot of beautiful mountains in the US. Traveling to these mountainous spots can be an adventure itself, as it usually takes a couple of hours to reach them. However, the best part of it all is that these mountains have a great view of our galaxy.

You can choose to have a little hike to the top of the mountain a couple of hours before the engagement. You can enjoy your time together with nature and camp out together. Once night has settled in, both you and your partner can watch the night sky and all of its constellations shifting and moving before your very eyes. You can have a deep talk about the universe and what has come before what will happen after. And then that’s when you reach out for your ring and propose to your loved one.

It’s going to feel like a surreal moment: you and your lover under the shade of the starlit sky, with both the galaxy and the universe watching this tiny little miracle unfold. It’s a glorious moment that you want to keep forever. It’s simple but powerful, and not a lot of couples can get engaged this way. Hiking to the top of the mountain is already a challenge in itself. One that will take a couple of hours or maybe even days to reach the peak. However, by the end of the day, it’s all worth it.

The Beautiful Beach

There is a lot of beaches in the U.S. The best beaches are also incredibly easy to reach. They are also usually affordable by anyone who lives with an average wage. Even those who are currently not earning as much as the average wage only need to save for a couple of months to plan a trip to the beach or a resort. Beaches and resorts are the most accessible places for many travelers. You don’t even need to travel outside the country to find a good one.

Beaches are also the best places to get engaged. They are beautiful locations that make people feel relaxed and calm. The sound of the waves crashing into the shore. The chirping of birds in the air. The howling of the wind. All of these things set the scene for you to kneel before your loved one and ask them to marry you. The cutest ring for this type of this proposal is an engagement ring with micro diamonds.

Just imagine it: the small diamonds shimmering right alongside the sunset, mirroring the burgundy skies and calmness of the beach. It almost seems like a scene from a movie. And you shouldn’t be too afraid about it being too cliche. Watch the sunset together and then propose. Trust me, they’ll love it.

You also have a great place to stay after the engagement. If you have friends around, you can let them dine with you and tell them the story. Or you can go for some night swimming which is a great way to end the night on the beach.

Your Very Own Backyard


You don’t need to travel very far for this one. But this is a journey that both of you have already made a long time ago. Your very own backyard can be a representation of that lovely journey.

What you need to do is set up your backyard to be as romantic as possible. You can ask professional help for this one. Maybe even hire a catering service so you wouldn’t get so stressed out by all of it. Because you’re going to need it once the time comes.

It’s really up to you to set this up. Unlike the other places on this list, there is no scenery in the backdrop. It’s up to you to make that scenery. Let your creativity drive you. Use things that both you and your partner like. Use decorations that you both enjoy. Remind your partner what it means to be on this journey and what it means to be with you for the next years of your lives.

It’s a modest proposal, but it is impactful. Where else would you rather be but at home? Additionally, you’re also safe from the pandemic while doing this kind of proposal. So you wouldn’t need to worry about that.

Here are some good places you can romantically propose to someone. These locations can be found anywhere in the US and they are easy to reach. So concentrate on your time together and let these places be the background. Remind each other about the love you have found together, and then propose.

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