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Eight Don’ts You Must Remember to Have the Best Travel Experience

There is a certain magic in seeing the sunset from a different country for the first time. Immersing yourself in different cultures and exploring wondrous places too beautiful to exist can be two of the best experiences you’ll ever get to have. Traveling is undoubtedly an adventure you should never miss.

But traveling can also expose you to harsh lessons you’d rather learn beforehand. There will always be urgent care clinics and helpful locals who will take care of you in case of emergencies. But there are ways to avoid being in dangerous situations altogether.

May it be handling your budget, packing, taking pictures, or ensuring your safety, we got your back. Here are eight things you shouldn’t do to steer clear of danger and have the best travel experience possible.


Don’t travel without emergency funds

Traveling is exciting. You’re going to be in an entirely new country. The food will be authentic. The souvenir will be beautiful. And there will be activities and experiences you have never even heard of. Although not advisable, it would still be perfectly understandable if you overspend.

Even if going over budget can impact your trip negatively, it may very well be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and a little splurging won’t have too drastic effects on your life. Having emergency funds set up, however, can help you soften overspending’s impact on your trip. Don’t forget to think ahead and plan for unexpected expenses and last-minute shopping.

Don’t rely solely on taking tours

Yes, tours are easier, well-planned, and safer. But having a DIY itinerary can be more flexible, fun, and budget-friendly. Going on tours can give you a limited travel experience since they are usually fast-paced. The spots they will make you visit are usually crowded and are just for visual pleasure. Most importantly, they can be expensive compared to self-planned trips.

You know yourself more than travel agencies. By planning your own itinerary, you can focus on activities that you actually enjoy. You can visit places that you will really like. And with proper research, you can get lodging, food, and transportation hacks that will cost you less.

Health and Safety

Don’t travel without proper research

To avoid overspending and ensure your safety, doing your homework ahead of time is crucial. Know where the hidden gems are so you can have a unique experience. Look out for common scams to avoid endangering yourself and your companions. Knowing where the nearest hospitals and clinics can always be beneficial.

Don’t cheap out on travel insurance

The goal is to stay safe at all times. But accidents may still happen even to those who are taking all the necessary steps of caution. In times like this, having travel insurance is very important. Since travel insurance can cover medical emergencies, it will be easier for you to rest peacefully without worrying about your finances, especially if the medical personnel can’t speak in your language.

It also covers travel risks like losing your passport and personal belongings. Even canceled flights can be partially covered by travel insurance. This makes sure that your mental health is prioritized above all else.


Don’t overpack

Getting the best experience a foreign country has to offer is difficult if you always have to carry your whole closet everywhere you go. Always travel light. The convenience of having paired outfits planned for each day can do wonders for your peace of mind. Remember that hotels and even regular lodgings offer toiletries and other bathroom supplies.

Buying things locally can also be a good option.  It doesn’t only help the local economy and the small and local shop owners but also helps in having less crowded luggage. With this in mind, don’t forget to allow extra space in your luggage for future possible foreign shopping sprees.

Don’t pack and wear flashy items

Everyone wants to look fashionable, especially since taking pictures is a must when traveling. However, you should always prioritize practicality and safety whenever you’re overseas. Don’t tempt pickpockets. Wearing sparkling jewelry on the beach might be glamorous for some. But it could also make you look like the next target. And since carrying cameras and expensive gadgets are inevitable, make sure to secure them at all times properly.


Don’t take selfies with wild animals

Can you really call it traveling if there are no pictures? Taking photos of all your amazing experiences is a must nowadays. But keep in mind that taking caution comes before taking photos. Since you don’t know if that cute little monkey will steal your phone, it’s better to click the shutter when you’re not within its reach. Dogs can be cuddly, but they are still dogs at the end of the day, and dogs still bite. And always remember the ticks and other parasites that animals naturally have, especially those in the wild. You don’t want to spend the rest of your trip in the ER because of some parasite that got in your body.

Don’t take photos of people without consent

If you value your privacy, you should know that taking photos of others is a big no, no matter how cute and “authentic” these people are. Five seconds of asking for permission can avoid days of hassle. Some cultures and places are off-limits to photography. Even if taking an Instastory is the norm in your country, some people might find it offensive. So keep your lenses capped and your respect on.
All in all, having the best trip takes preparation and information. Before focusing on the dos of traveling, be sensible and start with the dont’s. And to cap it all off, the most important thing you should not do is be insensitive to the local culture. Your experience should not be acquired at the expense of others.

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