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Yes, Even Guys Get Hormonal Imbalances

As the name suggests, hormonal imbalances occur when you have too much or too little of a certain hormone. While people often associate this term with menopause, many people fail to realize that it also happens to men. For us guys, our hormonal imbalance is referred to as “andropause” or better known as man-opause.

However, unlike women who openly talk about their hormonal imbalances, men shy away from the topic, fearing that it strips away from them what it is to be a man. But, this thinking is wrong and gets us nowhere, so to help raise awareness and spread information, today we’ll be learning how you can spot and fix your male hormonal imbalances naturally.

What Are The Signs?

Firstly, we need to know the signs and symptoms that point out a potential imbalance in our hormones. Lucky for us, they are pretty easy to spot out but often get linked with other reasons, which is why no one ever notices them. So, stay on the lookout for these signs when they come out of the blue.

#1 Low Libido

A man knows his libido, but when the body experiences hormonal imbalance, such as a decrease in testosterone present in the body, this negatively impacts libido and makes them feel unmotivated. The low drive can also lead to a man’s inability to hold an erection, causing them anxiety in the bedroom and putting them at the risk of erectile dysfunction.

#2 Always Feeling Tired

It’s normal to feel tired after a long day or a series of challenging tasks; it’s the body’s natural response and telling you that it’s time to relax. However, when you feel tired for no reason, such as having severe fatigue episodes even when you’ve slept well, this is potentially another sign of hormonal imbalance. It also causes you to feel down and lazy, making everyday tasks feel like a hassle to finish.

#3 Unexplained Weight Gain

Lastly, when you notice unexplained weight gain, despite all of your efforts to diet, exercise, and meal prep, this is another sign of hormonal imbalance in men. Especially if weight is stored in generally feminine areas such as the chest and hips, these indicate hormonal changes and fluctuations. You might also notice a difficulty in building muscle, or worse, even losing muscle mass.

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What Can You Do?

Luckily, andropause isn’t impossible to treat, and there are plenty of natural methods you can implement into your lifestyle to combat hormonal imbalance and bring back harmony into your system. Just be sure to do these things regularly because you don’t want to relapse back into a state of hormonal imbalance.

#1 Get Better Sleep

Sleep is the cornerstone of health, and the same goes for keeping your hormones in check. All it takes is for one bad night to cause a stir in your body, and it can take up to four days of good night’s sleep to combat that one night you didn’t get to rest up. Give your body the rest it deserves, and it will reward you with greater health and keep you away from hormonal imbalance.

#2 Regular Exercise And Better Diet

Strength training and other forms of regular exercise are an excellent way of increasing your testosterone levels and keeping your hormones in check. So, it might be time your reconsider slacking too much on the couch and replace it with some time in the gym or doing a couple of push-ups. Your diet plan also plays a critical role in maintaining balance in your hormones, so try your best to make healthy options rich in protein and avoid too much sugar and processed food.

#3 Avoid Too Much Stress

Last but not least, one of the biggest culprits behind hormonal imbalance is stress. And because we face stress daily, our bodies are at the mercy of their adverse effects. So, to keep them from causing you any unintended hormonal imbalance, avoid overloading yourself with too much stress. Give yourself the chance to relax and unwind; your body is not a robot that can’t switch on and off for work, so don’t treat it like one.

Care For Your Body

While hormonal imbalance happens naturally as a side-effect of aging, it can also be a sign of forgetting to care for your body. So, let this be a reminder to take care of it because it’s the only one you get. Don’t let hormonal imbalance affect your daily grind, and take these simple tips with you to help combat their negative impacts.

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