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How Beauty Trends Changing in the Middle of the Crisis

Beauty trends come and go. In the past, people won’t even give their eyebrows much attention. Nowadays, many are going after the eyebrows-on-fleek look. Cosmetic procedures used to be frowned upon. These days, getting a Botox procedure, laser treatments, and even cosmetic surgeries are considered normal. This goes to show just how beauty trends have evolved over the years.

One thing many people did not expect was for a health crisis as big as the pandemic to hit the globe. This changed virtually everything in our lives. The following shows just how the pandemic changed today’s beauty trends.

Eco-Friendly Beauty

Beauty consumers now care more about the environment; they no longer focus simply on the quality beauty products have to offer. They also focus on the environmental impact of their favorite beauty brands.

This prompted many beauty companies to change their processes. Before, they would bombard their products with gorgeous packaging filled with single-use plastics. Nowadays, they are gearing towards sustainable packaging and eco-friendly ingredients to bet accommodate consumer demands.

They are also formulating their products with organic and natural ingredients. This is part of their efforts to cater to eco-conscious consumers. By making the environment-friendly choice, they get to promote their brand as a greener and more sustainable business.

Blue Beauty

Aside from their greener efforts, many beauty brands are also embracing the blue beauty trend. They are boosting their focus on conscious capitalism by reducing their water consumption when creating their products. Waterless beauty is now a big thing in the beauty industry.

The Blue Beauty trend aims to help in protecting the different water supplies such as the ocean. This is since the beauty industry used to depend on water. Many made the conscious decision after some consumers pointed out that water is required to bulk up their products.

In the past, water is usually used in creating beauty cleansers, creams, liquid cosmetics, and even shower products. With companies reducing their water usage and providing consumers with waterless products, they reduce their water consumption. Consumers can enjoy greener beauty products while still enjoying the perks of their investments.

beauty trends

Microbiome Skin Care

Not many people want to add microorganisms into their bodies for the sake of skin care. But these days, beauty companies are considering this option to cater to a hyper-personalized skin care solution to consumers. They claim that these microbiomes act as a bacteria-balancing ingredient for the skin.

The body and gut have naturally occurring microbiomes. What many people did not know is that even their skin has microbiomes. This is what gave birth to probiotic skin care.

According to experts, the more bacteria strains you have in the skin, the healthier it gets. This is one reason why more beauty consumers are demanding microbiome skincare products. So, brands have no choice but to deliver and start formulating products in favor of the microbiome skin care trend.

Holistic Beauty

People are now normalizing mental health. They are even incorporating beauty and skin care with mental wellness. As both worlds started to merge, more eco-conscious consumers are turning towards natural beauty products while using skin care as a mental health strategy.

Nowadays, the younger generations are merging their demand for a more holistic skin care routine as a form of mental health strategy. They plug in relaxing music, soften their lights, and start applying skincare products as a way of easing their stress and relaxing their minds. They now use skin care as a way to take better care of their physical and mental health.

They use skin care and holistic beauty practices disconnecting from the toxic world of social media and the internet. They still love digital means and use them to follow the latest beauty trends and choose the best beauty products. But they use skin care as a perfect moment to focus on their mental health.

Minimalist Skincare and Makeup Routine

Masks are essential during a crisis. We use this as our primary protection when leaving the house. Since people often use masks when running errands, when going to work, and in virtually everything they do outdoors, more people simplify their skincare and makeup routines.

Those who used to sport the full-glam look now opted to focus on their eyebrow, cheek, and eye makeup. More women are opting for lipgloss and chapsticks instead of their regular lipsticks. They are also giving their skin time to breathe by having a no-makeup day.

These are but five beauty trends that made waves during the crisis. We can only expect these trends to continue even after the pandemic. This is since more people are now focusing on their mental health, in green and ethical business tactics, and giving their skin enough time to recuperate after working hard each week.

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