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Healthy and Safe Work-From-Home Experience During This Winter Season

As months drag on, the majority of employees still find themselves in a work-from-home situation. Although most states have already loosened up on their social distancing and lockdown regulations, a lot of people do not want to risk themselves getting infected by the coronavirus.

Furthermore, with the winter season fast approaching, telecommuting is still the best way to ensure you have income coming in a while staying safe and healthy at home. But despite work-from-home being a luxury, most non-essential employees are enjoying right now; it still comes with challenges.

The temperature in the northern hemisphere continues to dwindle, forcing people to spend more time indoors. And as we know, the risk of virus infection is far greater in enclosed spaces. Also, with a lesser amount of daytime, some people experience season-related depression and other mental health concerns.

While getting your work done on time is crucial for your organization’s survival; maintaining your mental and physical health is just as important. And with the change in season, we need to consider some pointers in order to ensure a productive, happy, and healthy work-from-home experience this winter.

Pointers for a Safe & Healthy WFH Experience This Winter Season

Set Designated Working Hours

A number of holidays are lined up during the winter season, but it doesn’t mean you should let it change your work routine. Stick to the regular schedule you have made upon starting this WFH gig. Only work upon designated hours, and stop when it is already time.

Working from home offers flexibility. However, mixing work hours with your personal life schedule only leads to stress and eventually burn out. It would seem that you are available 24/7 for your job. It is always better to define a line where work time begins and where it ends.

Have a Morning Routine

With the weather growing colder each day, it is tempting to stay in bed a little longer. But before you realize it, your work-life balance is jeopardized. Although there is a change in the season, continue sticking to your morning routine. Get up early for that morning coffee or morning walk.

Other than helping you stay on schedule, waking up early in the morning has a lot of health benefits. It helps fight stress and gives you more time to do other important things like exercising, eating breakfast, and doing a little house chore. People who are early risers are also noted for having positive mental attitudes.

Do Regular Cleaning

As you and your family spend more time indoors, it is crucial that you keep your safe haven free from any microbes and viruses. Before the first snow falls, you might want to consider doing a major clean up. Coordinate with your household to establish a new cleaning schedule for this winter season.

Make sure all areas and surfaces are always cleaned and disinfected. Remind your family to make it a collective habit to wash hands always. Also, have your vents, air conditioning, and heating system repaired and cleaned. You would want to ensure quality indoor air for you and your family.


woman working outIt cannot be stressed enough, but staying active and exercising especially during this health crisis is extremely crucial. Regular exercise is not only good for your physical health but also for your mental health and well-being. Try to move around the house during your work break.

Walk your dog or jog around the neighborhood while observing social distancing regulations. And if you prefer exercising indoors, there are plenty of free and paid workout video tutorials you could choose from. Whatever works for you, what is important is you reduce those stress and increase endorphin release.

Connect With Colleagues

According to recent studies, disconnection, loneliness, and isolation are the most common problems remote employees are experiencing. With months already since the work-from-home setup was implemented all over the country, the normal work environment is something most employees miss.

With this in mind, maintain a regular habit of staying connected with your colleagues and bosses at work. Aside from talking about work-related matters, why not ask how their day went? A casual conversation, even when it is over a video call or a chat, is therapeutic, especially during these trying times.

Final Words

The promising news from Pfizer and BioNTech that the vaccine they have developed to fight COVID-19 is strongly effective is something to look forward to before this year ends. But until then, with the Phase 3 study still ongoing, let us keep ourselves and our families safe by observing health and government protocols.

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