Roof Designs That You Should Consider for Your Home

Are you thinking of building your home and not sure of the best roofing style for you? Architectural roofing is diverse, and identifying the right choice can be hectic. Roofing designs vary depending since it has a diverse environment.

Understand the different roofing styles that suit your location and pleases your needs. Homeowners don’t take their time to identify the right roofing style until it leaks or falls off. Don’t be one of them.

Hipped Roofs

This type of roof has more than two angles on a structure. It can withstand all environmental conditions. It’s ideal for homeowners living along the Australian coast zones. Hipped roofs defy the strong winds from the ocean.

Gabled Roofs

A gabled roof has two roof panels that pitch to form a triangular shape when they meet. Most homeowners take advantage of the triangle shape interior space for storage. A gabled roof brings out the elegance and stylish look of a structure. Did you know that gabled roofs use any roofing material to build? Traditional older homes and exclusive use of this type of roofing.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs have a slight slope to allow rainwater to drain. Installed Gutters and scuppers help in draining the rainwater. It is a cheap modern style to construct commercial buildings, homes, or apartments. Traditional roofing materials are not allowed in the construction of flat roofs. Metals used in the construction of carports or sheds are the best for this type of roofing in Brisbane.

Shed Roofs

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The shed roof design slopes towards one direction, unlike flat roofing. It has become a typical design in the modern world. All roofing materials are viable when putting up a shed roof. Most homeowners construct sheds, patios, or carports using this roof type. The shed roof has the same features as flat roofing. It is useful when draining rainwater since it slopes to one side.

Curved Roofs

The roofing of the structures appears to be round and curved. Curved roofs give a unique curb appeal to a home. They are expensive because of the thick base metal used to make it. Coastal areas and new developments use this form of roofing.


Lean-to is almost like shed roofing, but it slopes into the side of an existing building. If you live in Brisbane, you must have realized that Most Carports designs are lean-to. Other structures such as decks, home office, or sunrooms tend to use lean-to roofing style.

Mansard Roofs

The mansard design has four slopes, two slopes on each side of the home. It’s a unique roofing style that looks like a hat and creates room inside. It’s advisable to use Standing beams and metal shingles to build a mansard roof due to less upkeep.

Butterfly Roof

A butterfly roof is a combination of two shed roofs. The roofs meet in the middle and extend upwards with an outward angle. It forms a butterfly-shaped or Sometimes known as a V roofing. And gutters in the central help drain rainwater.

These few ideas will help identify the right roof for your house, decks, sheds, and carport in Brisbane. Talk to a roofing contractor to help identify the ideal roofing materials for you.

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