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How to get straight teeth at home London

Living with misaligned teeth can prove difficult at times, as it can feel like a constant struggle to keep them clean making it harder for someone to maintain high standards within their oral health and hygiene. This often leads to people who live with misaligned, or crooked, teeth suffering from a higher number of occurrences of common dental issues, such as gum disease, tooth decay, or plaque build-up.

It should be noted that there is still a large number of adults, living in the UK, who are living with problematic teeth when there is no need for them to do so. Tooth alignment treatment is easier to access than ever before, as its use is now more widespread, and dentists are now promoting the use of aligners that target adults who are looking to align their teeth with treatment.

There is now also a recognition that one of the main barriers to treatment, as many patients live busy lives. What they need is a solution that gives them straight teeth at home London.

In the comfort of a patient’s home

Dental Operation

With the advent of modern alignment treatment patients no longer have to visit a dental practice to receive continuing treatment, as they can now administer their own treatment that will allow them to gain straight teeth at home where they feel comfortable.

When the dental professionals, such as dentists or orthodontists, take full advantage of the modern alignment treatment commonly known as Invisalign, they can then create a treatment schedule that is convenient to the patient and will easily fit into their daily lives. The patient will need to attend an initial consultation appointment to have their teeth and gums examined, as this will give a full assessment of the patient’s needs, and there may be a need for review appointments part way through the treatment process and at the end of the treatment period, but there is no need for them to visit the dental practice every two weeks to have their aligner replaced.

The patient will simply receive their next in a series of aligners through the post every two weeks and they can swap the old aligner with the new one themselves, meaning they no longer need to worry about creating time in their work and/or family time to visit a dentist in order to continue with their treatment. This is a new way of administering tooth alignment treatment that puts the patient firmly in control.

Great result without any hassle

It is well known that the main reason many people do not engage with treatments they may need is concern about the amount of time they may need to set aside to go to have a consultation and engage with treatment. Straight teeth at home London minimises the time needed and quickly moves clients into a treatment process they administer themselves.

Patients do need to be aware that the length of treatment will be between twelve and eighteen months, but if they feel encouraged to stay the course and see the treatment through to its end they should gain the results they desire.


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