How to Track Your Passport

Perhaps you have always been interested in traveling the world, but you’re finally prepared to take the next step and purchase a passport! Here’s everything you need to know about purchasing a passport, so you can start traveling.

How to Track Your Passport

  • Appointment: Start the process by scheduling an appointment at your local passport office. That will start the process for your dfa passport delivery. You’ll receive information on the carrier, as well as the projected delivery date.

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  • Personal Information: The carrier will need to see a photocopy of your ID, as well as the ID of an authorized person in the event you aren’t available when the passport is delivered. You’ll also need a copy of your authorization letter.
  • Contact the Company: You can go to the carrier’s company website and put in your tracking number to find the latest information. You can see exactly when your passport was first shipped and where it is currently in transit. You are encouraged to contact customer service if you still have questions about the shipment. It normally takes seven to 10 business days for your passport to ship, depending on some factors, such as your residence.

This guide gives insight into the dfa passport delivery process. Happy travels!


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