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Americans are Packing Up and Moving to Texas

People from all walks of life are moving to Texas — whether business owners, professionals, or even seniors. Events of 2020 and 2021 have proven that more conservative states have their advantages — with Texas and Florida at the forefront. The state has much to offer, and even the staunchest of big-city dwellers will find it hard not to move.

Zero Income Tax

With New York and California imposing income taxes of 30 percent or more, it’s no surprise businesses and professionals are making the move. Texas doesn’t impose an income tax, so you get to keep most of your earnings. This is especially important to seniors with limited funds as a tax on their 401k can be crippling. Businesses still pay a franchise tax, but it is limited to 1 percent of their taxable earnings or even less than that.

High taxes in California have forced Elon Musk to move Tesla operations to Texas, and podcaster Joe Rogan shared the same sentiment. Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and Charles Schwab are some of the most notable companies that have similarly made the move in recent months.

More Businesses, More Jobs

With businesses comes jobs, and the influx of big businesses has dropped Texas’ unemployment significantly. Job openings grew by 60 percent between April and May — with the state now having more than 1 million job listings available for residents. Jobs range from IT jobs to construction. Although the state has a paltry $7 minimum wage, most workers (75 percent) earn wages of over $20 per hour.

The state’s early opening and looser lockdown regulations also kept businesses afloat, unlike in stricter states where thousands of mom and pop operations closed permanently. Texas is business-friendly. The state imposes very few requirements for new businesses — with little to no requirements for home-based businesses.

Affordable Housing

You can buy a home in Texas for less than $200,000. That’s less than the national average of $280,000, and a third of the average house prices in big cities like Los Angeles ($650,000) and New York ($850,000). Most Texas listings are actual houses instead of cramped apartment buildings. Seniors often move to Texas to preserve their 401ks — most of them buying homes to avoid paying monthly rent. Renters can expect to pay $500 in suburban and rural locations and $800 in urban centers — which is still significantly less than the $3,000 they would pay for a 1-bedroom apartment in LA.

There are prominent senior communities in Austin and Houston, but almost any place in Texas has senior accommodations. Seniors who prefer to stretch out their independence often rely on home healthcare services instead of moving to senior homes.

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Law and Order

Texas is relatively safe — especially if you rule out the liberal city of Austin. Aside from Austin, most cities have strict guidelines on law enforcement and criminals get punished. Business owners who move to Texas often lament the criminality of their former states. In New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and most other progressive states — misdemeanors are often ignored and violators are sent back to the streets in days if not hours.

In San Francisco, shoplifting/stealing items below $950 are counted as a misdemeanor. Shoplifting and stealing have become rampant and police are powerless since prosecutors won’t even file charges. Law and order are still prevalent in Texas. Aside from Austin, there have been no calls to defund the police and prosecutors still do their jobs.

Warm Weather

The warm climate is another reason seniors flock to Texas. Cold winters can be hard on the joints and Texas winters rarely go below freezing. The average snowfall barely reaches a tenth of an inch, lasting a mere couple of days. Seniors often participate in walking and gardening clubs to take advantage of the weather. Younger residents can enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, kiteboarding, spelunking, rafting, and many other activities all year round.

Friendly People

Texans are some of the friendliest people in the U.S. While the media often portrays Texans as intolerant or even racist, a couple of days in the state will easily prove them wrong. Texans are more likely to smile, greet strangers, or lend a helping hand than their big city-dwelling counterparts. Personal freedom is valued highly, and most people will let you do what you want as long as it doesn’t cross their own freedoms.

Low taxes, freedom, affordable housing, and warmth — it’s no wonder so many people are moving to Texas. Get away from big expensive cities and try your hand in a friendlier place.

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