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Needing dental implants in Leicester

There are times when the rigours of day to day life take their toll on our bodies and this may lead to a need for medical intervention.  This can be especially true of one area of the mouth that many believe to be one of the strongest parts of the human body, the teeth.

The teeth are just as susceptible to damage as any other part of the body, as they are in constant use. Getting exposed to the sugars, acids, and other corrosive substances that are naturally present in food and drink, add to the negative effects on the teeth caused by things like smoking and it quickly becomes clear just how expose the teeth are to potential damages

In worst-case scenarios, this exposure can lead to tooth loss, which historically would lead to people looking at devices such as bridges and dentures to replace the teeth. Care Dental Surgery has now started to offer an alternative solution to tooth loss in the form of dental implants to their clients.

Dental implants are a one-time permanent solution to tooth loss, when cared for correctly these implants should last the lifetime of the person receiving them as a treatment. Unlike bridges and denture, which can be seen to have an unusual care regime, implants can be cared for in a much more normal way via having a good brushing and flossing routine.

The reason these implants are so strong and long-lasting is due to the materials they are made up of. The base is a screw that is made from titanium, often seen as one of the strongest yet durable metals known to man. This screw is placed within the jawbone of the patient and once in place will create a base for a crown to be placed on.


The crown is created from a hard-wearing ceramic substance, which is shaped with contours that will help to create the shape of a tooth. The crown is also coloured to match any teeth in the area of the mouth it is intended for, allowing it to blend in and appear to look like a natural tooth.

The crown is attached to the head of the titanium screw, so it can be held firmly in place. Once the dental implant is in place it will help to give support to any other teeth around it, with the hope of securing the area it is in from any further damage.

Those who have moved from dentures to implants have reported having positive impacts on their lives, in several different ways.  Many are happy that they no longer have to be concerned about a device that may slip or move around in the mouth while they are eating, meaning food no longer gets caught between the gum and a device.

Another benefit that has been reported is the ability to eat the foods that they may have been avoiding when wearing dentures or a bridge, due to the fact they are seen as hard.

These are just a couple of benefits gained from implants, anyone who would like to find out more about the other benefits should contact a dental practice to find out more. This will allow them to be fully informed before making any final decision about undergoing any possible treatment.


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