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Preparing for the Road Trip of A Lifetime

We’ve all been there. You pack your bags, load up the car and head out on a road trip with the best of intentions. And while you might be able to make it past day one without incident, by day three or four, things start going wrong.

Suddenly, what started as an adventure has turned into a disaster. But even if this hasn’t happened to you yet (and let’s hope not!), it could happen tomorrow if you’re careless — so how can we best prepare for these potential setbacks? Well, that depends on how you’re planning to get ready for your trip.

Below is a comprehensive guide to getting you ready for a road trip and how to make the most of each approach.

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Weatherproof your Home

If you’re about to take a long-haul road trip, you might be leaving your home for an extended period. So, it’s crucial to weatherproof it as much as possible. That means appropriately sealing all doors and windows, installing storm windows where necessary, and ensuring your roof is in good condition.

Nobody wants to go home to a saturated or damaged house after being on the road for weeks — so take the time to prepare your home before you go correctly. If you’re not sure how to do it yourself, it’s best to hire a professional to help you out.

This way, you can relax knowing that your home will be safe and sound while you’re away.

Prepare your Car

Your trusty Subaru might make it through whatever terrains, but if it’s not adequately prepared, you could be in for a world of trouble. So, before taking your vehicle on the road, be sure to do a quick car checkup. That means checking the tires, oil level and doing an overall tune-up.

Your car is your lifeline while on the road, so it’s essential to make sure it’s in good condition before anything else. A brake service for Subaru is much as important as an oil change, so don’t neglect those either!

Create a Road Trip Playlist

Music is a massive part of the road trip experience — it can set the tone for your journey and keep you entertained for hours on end. So, before you go, make sure to create a playlist of your favorite tunes.

Include a mix of old and new songs and a variety of genres to keep things interesting. And be sure to make multiple playlists in case one runs out of steam.

Stock up on Supplies

One of the most important things to remember when going on a road trip is stock up on supplies. That means bringing along enough food, water, and gasoline to last you the entire journey. It might be a pain having to lug all that stuff around, but it’s better than running out of essentials in the middle of nowhere.

And if you’re going to be traveling with kids, make sure to pack plenty of snacks and games to keep them occupied. That way, everyone can enjoy the trip without any meltdowns.

Plan your Stops

One of the best things about road trips is the freedom to stop wherever and whenever you want. But if you don’t plan your stops, you might find yourself driving for hours without anywhere to pull over.

So, before hitting the open road, make a list of all the places you want to see and visit. It can include everything from historical landmarks to off-the-beaten-path restaurants.

Not only will this make your trip more enjoyable, but it’ll also help keep you on track. After all, there’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve passed your desired destination without even realizing it.

Pack a First Aid Kit

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen while on the road. That’s why it’s crucial to pack a first aid kit containing everything from bandages to aspirin.

You never know when you might need it, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. And if you’re traveling with kids, make sure they know where the kit is and how to use it in case of an emergency.

Have Some Fun

Road trips can be a lot of fun, but they can also be tedious. To keep things interesting, try to mix up your activities. That means alternating between driving and relaxing and breaking up long stretches of road with scenic detours.

You might even want to plan a few fun activities for each day of the trip. That could include anything from visiting a theme park to hiking.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have a fantastic road trip — regardless of where you’re headed! So, get packing and hit the open road!

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