Weekend Activities For A Healthier You

Working at least eight hours a day can drain anyone’s energy. Whether you are working in an office or working at home, you will feel tired by the end of the day. It will feel that you have little energy left for exercise by the end of the day.

This is the usual routine of most hardworking, career-driven men and women. However, the lack of physical exercise and sitting all day in front of the computer can have serious implications for your health.

Studies show that sitting all day is related to several health concerns: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity, and high cholesterol levels. Sitting more than 8 hours in front of your computer puts you at risk of obesity and heart problems.

Health experts recommend that you should at least take short, quick breaks in between your working hours. Stand up every thirty minutes. Go to the kitchen to get some water to drink. Try not to have everything you need on your desk to have reasons to stand up once in a while.

Become a Weekend Warrior

If your busy schedules do not give you enough time to have some proper exercise or go to the gym, you can schedule your workouts on weekends. Even working out on weekends has profound and considerable effects on your body, rather than doing nothing at all.

In a study by the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine – East Midlands, it was found that those who engaged in at least two sessions in a given week had lower mortality rates. This means that physical activities, though not daily, can help reduce your risk of health problems such as heart problems and even cancer.

So when the next Saturday rolls in, put on your gym clothes and your Arcteryx ski pants just sitting in your closet these days and give those muscles a stretch.

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Safety Tips for Weekend Warriors

The World Health Organization recommends that adults be able to do the following every week: 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercises or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercises. You can always combine both, depending on your preference. Aerobic exercises are those activities that make your body more active, increases your heart rate, and increases your blood circulation as well. It results in more oxygen intake. Some aerobic activities that you can do include jogging, brisk walking, cycling, and swimming.

One of the risks that most weekend warriors are prone to is trying to cram those needed minutes over the weekend. Some who have been inactive for years also suddenly jump into the wagon, spurred by some sudden inspiration. These can lead to injuries, and you would not want that. Sports and exercise-related injuries are prevalent in the US, more than you can imagine.

Instead of doing the whole 150-minute minimum in a day, break down your activities into smaller sessions. Avoid doing everything in one session, especially if you have been sedentary for a long time. Give your body the chance to prepare and to get used to the increased physical exertion. You can slowly and safely increase the intensity of your exercises week by week.

To reduce your risks of injuries, be sure to do the following:

1. Do not forget to do your warm-up exercises. Only do your stretching after you have warmed up those muscles.

2. Do not forget your cooling down exercise after your workout.

3. Some post-workout soreness is normal. However, if you feel sharp and intense pain, stop exercising. If the pain persists, visit your doctor immediately.

4. Find a weekend warrior buddy. Working with a buddy makes it more enjoyable, and you will find that it is much easier to work out with someone whose company you enjoy. Remember to practice safe physical distancing and other safety precautions (such as not sharing your water bottle).

5. Exercise using safe methods. There are many tutorial videos, books, and even apps that you can find to help you exercise properly. If you know a trainer, talking with one can help.

Post-workout Recovery

After you have taken advantage of your two-day weekend, it is just right to give your body the recovery it needs. Whatever your weekend activity may have been, from trekking to mountain biking, your body will need to recover. Your muscles have taken a beating, and you will feel some soreness days after.

The exercise would have broken down those muscles, but it will allow them to rebuild even stronger. You can do some stationary stretching, or you can see a physiotherapist for some good old massage. Remember also to drink enough water to replace the fluids that you have lost.

Take advantage of your free time on the weekend by giving your body the exercise that it needs. Choose an activity that you will enjoy so that you’ll have something to always look forward to after a busy workweek.

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