Who are Harley Street Dental Clinic?

A dental clinic should offer patients all the help they need to maintain a healthy mouth while being provided with help in a friendly environment. The right atmosphere can be very beneficial for a patient in their time of need. Dental needs can be met by this clinic with the excellent service that patients receive from the moment they meet with their dentist. Patients expectations are aimed to be exceeded every time to ensure that each patient’s dental needs are met. The highest standard of care alongside a completely personalised approach to individual dental needs and goals is used. Emphasis is placed on creating a stress-free environment that uses; the most advanced equipment, safe materials and tried and tested techniques. The relationship between a patient and their dentist that is created ensures that a working partnership can be formed. An inherent understanding of each patient and the goals that they have for their smile is imperative to ensure that each patient receives the best help. The team of dentists in Harley Street are on hand can ensure that excellence is delivered in each appointment. The next couple of sections of this article will discuss what treatments are offered as well as what a new patient’s journey could look like. This will allow patients to determine whether this is the practice for them.

What treatments are on offer?

Patient with dentist and dental assistant

Should a new patient decide that this clinic in London could be the one for them, they will be offered a whole host of different treatments. For those patients who are interested in altering the appearance of their smile, Cosmetic Dentistry could allow them to improve its aesthetic appearance. If a patient is, unfortunately, missing some of their teeth, Missing Teeth treatments could be on hand to complete a person’s smile again. Dental Implants are on offer to ensure that patients can rebuild a strong structure. General Treatments are on offer so patients can get the most out of this practice by ensuring issues are picked up early. Preventive Dentistry is designed to ensure that patients can look after their oral health. Invisalign and other forms of Orthodontics can straighten their smile. Children’s Dentistry can be used to make sure children’s teeth get the best care as they are emerging. Other treatments such as Facial Aesthetics, Specialist care and Referrals are also on offer so it can be assured that patients get the exact form of help that they need.

What is the journey for new patients?

At this clinic, all dental treatments aim to ensure that each patient in the practice feels at home no matter what the need for their appointment. The whole team present in this clinic wants every patient’s journey at the practise to be relaxed and positive. It is understood that each patient has their own needs and goals for their own smile, this comes as each smile that walks through the practice door is as unique as the next. Time is taken for the dentist to get to know the patient so they can help in the most effective way. The highest standard of care is given in all aspects of this practice by each member of the team.

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