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5 Cost-Effective Home Decorating Crafts to Liven Up Your Home

The design of a house is often has a direct bearing and effect on the mood of the people living in it. Homes that have a lively ambiance can inspire a positive mood. Dull atmospheres, however, become mood dampeners with how bleak they are.

Your choice of decoration (or the lack thereof) in your home can and will affect all residents. It would be in the best interest of everyone living in your home if you livened things up with decorating crafts. Here are five affordable ways to do it.

Fashionable Ribbon and Trim Embellishments

Ribbons and trim are visually stimulating. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from so you can go for a festive mood or a more sophisticated look.

One way to use this decorating material is by creating a complementary accent on your furniture. You can select a color or style that would go best with the tone of furniture you have and attach the ribbon border and trim with low-cost decorative thumbtacks that also come in various designs. You can apply this decoration technique to any furniture you have in your home, from your coffee table to your dining table, your kitchen cabinets and bookshelves. If done properly, you can give your furniture an elegant touch no matter how plain they used to look like.

Since ribbons are affordable, you can experiment with them to create your own alternatives for tablecloths, drapes, and even throw pillow covers. The do-it-yourself approach makes the whole decorating experience both more engaging and fun as you improve your home.

Creative Picture Frames as a Decoration

Picture frames are not just sentimental in nature. They are also an efficient way of drawing attention to certain areas of your home while separating it from its immediate surroundings. They come in different sizes and colors, an economical and convenient choice when decorating your home.

People normally think frames are just meant for pictures, but you can use them for your family tree, put letters in it, or patterns of your choice. And if the frames’ designs look great on their own, you can tastefully arrange them on your wall to create an interesting focal point.

Chalkboard Wall Paint to Refresh Your Space

One of the latest trends in interior design is covering your walls with chalkboard paint. It would allow both the adults and the kids to embrace creativity and contribute to the overall design of your home. Your walls could contain future masterpieces you can change from time to time, and important reminders and lists that are hard to miss.

Fabulous Floating Bookshelves You Can DIY

Floating bookshelves have never been out of style. The illusion they present is always amusing, a curious sight your guests will definitely enjoy. And these don’t just look great, they can also help you keep your books and knick-knacks organized and orderly arranged. This bookshelf is both easy on the budget and easy to install, so you don’t have to be an expert handyman to get these in your home.

Curtain Reading Nook for Your Favorite Bookworm

Two green chairs in house corner

The bookish appeal never fails to carry a certain charm. Why not create a reading nook to match your floating bookshelves? You can make one in a corner of your homes with a curtain rod and colorful curtains. It’s a huge improvement from that dull, empty corner. You might also even encourage non-bookworms to pick up the hobby of reading if you make the nook enticing enough.

Making your house a livelier place for both the people who call it home and the guests who are just passing through not only improves the overall aesthetics but helps you channel your creativity as well. You don’t even have to break the bank to do so. Get inspired by these tips and let your imagination take the lead.

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