Common Problems Associated with Metal Roofing and Their Solutions

If you have a metal roofing system for your home or business, it’s important to carry out regular maintenance to ensure that it stays in good condition at all times. This will identify any damage to the roof and fix it before they become extensive and irreparable. This will save you time and money you would have spent replacing it. Damage to a metal roofing system can be caused by poor installation, lack of maintenance or the use of substandard roofing materials. Below is a summary of some of the problems that commonly plague metal roofing systems and how to go about fixing them.


Leaks are common problems in metal roofing systems that may result from the wrong placement of fasteners, poor installation, or the use of low-quality sealants. Such issues may cause water to seep through the roofing systems. Having to deal with leaks can not only be annoying, but also expensive as leaks can cause extensive damage to your ceiling and require heavy repair. To address this issue, you can check for leaks yourself, or metal roof repair contractors for effective roof and replacement.


Issues of corrosion in metal roofing systems are a common phenomenon. Despite their resilience and longevity, the structural integrity of the metal roofing system can be compromised by frequent water exposure resulting in rust. To combat this, you can you should ensure that the metal roof is properly coated when it’s installed and do periodic visual inspections once or twice a year. Weathering can cause cracks or gaps in your roof coating, especially if you live in a climate that can get extreme temperatures.

Worn out Sealants

cleaning the roof

The installation of metal roofing systems cannot be complete without the use of sealants since they offer protection against elements such as dust, water, and wind to mention a few. Over time sealants may deteriorate hence the need to replace them. If you detect problems with your roofing sealants, ask for an expert opinion from reputable roofing companies to advise on a sealant that will best work for your metal roofing system. If you’d like to do your own research, here are some reviews of what options are available on the market.

Thermal Cycling

It was already mentioned above, but extreme changes in temperature merits its own entry, because of the sheer amount of damage that homeowners are seeing on their roofs from the more extreme weather in recent years. The frequent contraction and expansion of metal roofing due to fluctuations in temperature (very cold winters, very warm summers) causes strain on the seams and other areas of the roof. If the fasteners were loosely installed, there is a likelihood of metal roof panels loosening an aspect that may cause damage over time. As before, you can do a visual check yourself about once or twice a year, or call in a professional to check.

Chalking and Fading

When a metal roofing system is exposed to ultraviolet rays, they can form a whitish residue commonly referred to as chalking. Fading occurs when the painting on the metal roof breaks down due to exposure to UV rays, chemicals, pollution, and water thereby resulting in a change of color. This can be addressed by getting your roof repainted every few years.

Having an idea of potential problems that affect metal roofing systems is a great step towards preparing yourself for any eventuality. To minimize the above-mentioned metal roofing problems, it is crucial to engage qualified roofing contractors that will guarantee quality installation projects as well as invest in quality metal roofing systems. It’s a good long-term investment, not only in lowering the cost of maintenance overall, but also maintaining the value of your property.

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