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Could your Dental Health Benefit from Invisalign in Kings Hill?

Do you need orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is the name given to the field of dentistry which aims to address the alignment of a patient’s teeth and solve overbites, crooked teeth or gaps between teeth. Those who opt for orthodontic treatments do so not only to improve the aesthetics of their smiles, but also to improve their oral health and decrease their chances of periodontal disease from developing. There are several reasons as to why a patient may wish to seek out cosmetic orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign in Kings Hill as opposed to taking more conventional routes of orthodontics such as traditional fused braces.

What is discreet orthodontics?

In the past, those who wished to have their teeth aligned would often have very few options available to them. Traditionally, fused braces are constructed from brackets which are bonded to the front of a patient’s teeth, and joined together by a metal connecting wire which applies tension over time and pulls the patient’s teeth together. Whilst this method of orthodontics is effective, it is also clearly noticeable and impacts the outward appearance of those who are undertaking treatment. Today however, it is possible to achieve a straighter smile, without the treatment impacting the way that patients look. This is due to discreet orthodontics like Invisalign, which are a relatively new alternative method of dental alignment. Discreet orthodontics have become massively popular over recent years, particularly for teenagers or young adults, as they may wish to achieve a straighter smile, without attracting any scrutiny or unwanted notice from their colleagues or classmates.

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How does it work?

One of the most popular methods of discreet orthodontics is the Invisalign retainer method. This is an alternative to fused braces, which is entirely non-invasive and does not require anything to be fixed onto the patient’s teeth. Rather, a removable transparent dental retainer. This retainer is custom moulded from a rendering of each patient’s unique tooth structure, which allows for it to fix so perfectly over their teeth that it becomes almost completely invisible. It is also made of a specialist dental plastic called SmartTrack which is employed because it is both malleable enough to be comfortable, but firm enough to effectively reshape the patient’s teeth. Invisalign aligns a patient’s teeth by placing targeted pressure points to the inside of the retainer. These pressure points gradually shift the patient’s teeth into their desired position when the retainer is worn over the course of treatment – which varies from patient to patient, but typically lasts around twelve months.

What are the benefits of the Invisalign system?

There are many appeals of this method over conventional orthodontics. The most obvious one is the discretion that Invisalign affords patients, as they can achieve a straighter smile without attracting unwanted attention. Another massive appeal of this method is the fact that the retainer can be removed. While conventional, fused braces are generally fixed in place for the length of treatment – Invisalign retainers can be removed periodically whenever it is convenient for the patient. This also allows them to eat whatever foods they want to, and floss – which would not be possible with conventional braces. In doing so, the risk of chunks of food being stuck between teeth is reduced, and the risk of gum disease or gingivitis is reduced with it.


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