Creativity and Warmth: Two Qualities That Make a Home

As one of the best places to live in Utah, Salt Lake City is home to some of the most beautiful, well, homes in the entire state. Blessed with gorgeous views of the Salt Lake valley and, of course, the Great Salt Lake, the houses in the city thrive with just a little creativity and warmth.

Here are some simple, yet timeless, home design trends in Salt Lake City:

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

For houses with large front or backyards, it’s important to keep your outdoor spaces neat, tidy, and functional. Outdoor fire pits in many homes are a classic trend that encourages homeowners to take some of their family time out into the open, particularly if they have stunning views of the Wasatch mountains. Try to keep a well-manicured lawn and have some outdoor accouterments in place, like a gazebo or a patio.

Interiors in Earth Tones

Salt Lake City is blessed with amazing natural features, so mimicking these colors in your home interiors is a great way to invite the beauty of the city into your house. Try to keep the color scheme of your interiors in neutral, earth tones that emanate minimalism and eco-consciousness. For a more rustic approach, try to use natural materials like wood and leather wherever appropriate, and don’t be afraid to add in a few accent pieces here and there! Speaking of accents…

Accentuating With Green


Earth tones go very well with green, and it’s a great way to create a relaxing vibe to your interiors without having to go all-out with furniture pieces. Accentuate your earth tones with splashes of dark green shades like Forest, Moss, or Juniper. But don’t limit yourself to your walls and molding!

Even small items like throw pillows or rugs, as long as they’re a beautiful shade of green, go a very long way to accentuating the minimalist tone of your interiors. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to have a wall or two painted in a nice, matte green color, but if you don’t have the tools or the paint for this, accent pieces in green are more than ok.

Keep Patterns Geometric

When done improperly, geometric patterns in homes can give it a sharp, angular feel in places where you would want to have more muted vibes; however, pairing your geometric patterns, whether it’s wallpaper, rugs, or other accent pieces, with earth tones and other muted colors can give it a very peaceful and serene quality. Try to keep your geometric patterns subtle to retain their slow, yet elegant, energy.

Boho Chic Aesthetics

Boho chic is one of those design trends that are very timeless no matter what decade it is. However, just because it’s timeless doesn’t mean you can’t update it from time to time! The most recent trend is to pair the Boho Chic aesthetic, like chunky knit rugs with an appropriate amount of texture, with muted colors. It makes sense: Boho is very bright and in-your-face, and pairing them with something a little more soothing creates a balance of contrasts that will give your home an elegant and sophisticated, yet completely homey and rustic, vibe.

Love and family are what you need to make a home, but creativity and warmth will complete the qualities you need to feel at home. Exercise your creative juices and integrate a few more things to drape your home with warmth.

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